A change of plans

So, Nano was going really well. At the end of week 1 I’d hit just under 20,000 words and the story (which I was re-writing) was flowing so much better than the original version. And then something happened which meant I needed to abandon Nano this year…

I got another round of edits for Love en Pointe!

My ballerina/footballer manuscript is now being edited for the third time under the guidance and advice of the amazing people at Harlequin. I have no idea if three rounds of edits for a manuscript is normal…is it? I feel like I’m inching closer to success, but the story is not quite there yet. The detailed seven page revision letter (not kidding, 7 pages of size twelve font!!) kind of freaked me out, but the suggestions were spot on in my humble opinion.

The editor pointed out things I had been concerned about with my own work (not just for Love en Pointe but for One Last Wish and The Rules According to Gracie – details here). In fact the things I needed to work on according to Harlequin, were the exact same things that the lovely Kate Cuthbert from Escape Publishing pointed out when she asked me to revise my novella (which is now on the back burner due to these edits). So I figure when two editors tell you to look at something, it’s definitely worth your attention.

So I’m diving back into the world of Jasmine and Grant. I decided to do a Love en Pointe Pintrest board with all my inspiration pictures, because I love being able to ‘see’ what I’m writing about.


 Woo hoo!! More ballerinas and footballers and kissing and stuff ♥

Now I’ll be disappearing back into the editing cave and likely consuming copious quantities of tea and coffee to fuel my creativity. Here’s a little snippet from Love en Pointe to whet your appetite, I hope you enjoy it ♥

“You’re doing well,” Jasmine said as they paused between repetitions. She was determined to be the consummate professional, even if it was harder to pull off than the pas de deux from Don Quixote Act 3. “I can see improvements already and it’s only your first lesson.”

“It’s not exactly difficult,” he responded, his blue eyes meeting hers and sending a chill down her spine. His tone dismissed her praise, needling at her. “I’m bending up and down on the spot. I’ve seen two years olds master that.”

Jasmine bristled at how he’d reduced one of the most important steps in ballet down to such a mechanical, prosaic description. Only a beef-head Aussie Rules footballer would fail to see the importance of the steps she’d taught him.

She pursed her lips. “That’s an over simplification, don’t you think?”

“Not really.” He crossed his arms and leant back against the barre, appraising her openly. “You can give it a fancy French name if you want, but it’s just bending your knees.”

 “Well, I never thought a career would be made out of chasing a little, red ball,” she responded, tilting her chin up at him. “But there you go.”

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  1. Kimberley says:

    Good luck with your edits! I loved reading a little snippet of your story, it made me giggle.

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