#RWAus14 & Breaking the Bro Code

Early tomorrow morning I’ll be hopping on a flight to Sydney. The Romance Writers of Australia conference is on at the end of the week and I’m taking the opportunity to spend a few extra days in Sydney(Hello Zumbo cake train!) with my mum.

There are so many things I’m looking forward to at conference:

  • Fangirling over my fave authors at the ARRA signing
  • Meeting the wonderful Flo Nicoll of the M&B UK office (aka the amazing person who called me last year and offered to publish my book!)
  • Taking Romance Llama around to meet everyone (llama selfies are going to be come a thing!)
  • Attending all the fantastic workshops and cramming my brain with as much information as possible

So. Much. Goodness.

In addition to all the excitement over conference, my second book for Harlequin KISS/M&B Modern Tempted is going to be released in eight weeks! How did that come around so quickly??

Here are the GORGEOUS UK and US covers:

UK Cover med 

Cover KISS med

I’m so happy with the cover! For those who’ve read Only The Brave Try Ballet this is Elise’s story (you’ll remember her as the plucky BFF of former ballerina Jasmine Bell.) Anyway, since I love you guys so much I’ve put up an excerpt from Chapter One nice and early:


Chapter One

The numbers didn’t make sense. Well, that wasn’t entirely true – they made sense, but they didn’t tell the story Elise Johnson had hoped for. They didn’t tell her that she ran a successful, thriving ballet studio. They didn’t tell her that she’d be able to live off anything other than baked beans and toast this week. More concerning, they didn’t tell her that things were going to get better any time soon.

She rested her chin in her hand and frowned as the grid of looping cursive swam in front of her. Maybe she’d skip the baked beans and head straight for a bottle of wine instead.

“You’ll go cross-eyed,” Jasmine Bell, Elise’s best friend and employee, chirped as she changed out of her legwarmers. “I always thought number crunching was best left to the professionals.”

“What are you trying to say?” She looked up from her paperwork, feigning indignity as Jasmine smirked.

“Oh nothing…only I remember a young girl once faking a panic attack to get out of a maths exam.”

“There wasn’t anything fake about it.” Elise closed the folder containing the evidence of her dire financial situation and tucked it away in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. “That panic was real.”

“And the time you tried to con your math tutor into doing your homework for you by flashing him?”

“That was less about the math homework and more about him – he was seriously cute. Unfortunately for me a tiny bust was not enough to persuade him…” She frowned, looking down at her boyish frame. “Not much has changed.”

“It’s the curse of the ballerina.” Jasmine slipped her feet into a pair of flats and bundled her legwarmers into her workout bag. “Anyway, that’s why God invented push up bras.”

“Amen to that.”

A flat chest was the trade-off for the sculpted legs and washboard stomachs that ballerinas were known for. Elise’s years of formal training and her short-lived career with the Australian Ballet had given her just that. It was a good body, but not one designed to win men over with flashing.

You can read the rest of the excerpt here.

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  1. Amy Woods says:

    Absolutely beautiful covers, Stefanie!
    Looking forward to this one after devouring your debut. :-)

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