Saying goodbye to Blaze

April 28, 2016 · My Books, The writer's journey

As some of you may already be aware, Harlequin has announced the closure of its Blaze category line. (If you haven’t heard this news, Dear Author has posted the official announcement.)

Obviously, this is a sad not only for me personally, but for all the people who currently write for Blaze and for our wonderful readers. Blaze was a line that got me hooked one some of the writers who’ve inspired me greatly (like Sarah Mayberry, Jill Shalvis and Leslie Kelly). I love their steamy sex scenes, fun settings and concentrated, addictive romances.

Blaze will finish up in June 2017. This means some changes to my series and, of course, a little uncertainty. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone through a line closing. 2c26b51f42e195a85487e1b524bccfa0In fact, I blogged about it last November. I said something then, which remains true now:

It’s easy to let the fear overwhelm you. But writing is my life…

Therefore, this change won’t stop me writing. Nor will it slow me down. My husband and I joke that I’m a good mix between both Pinky and The Brain, but less evil…when I’m not torturing my heroes, that is.

But I did want to write to all my wonderful readers and let you know what this change means for my Dangerous Bachelors Club series.  As it stands there will be four books:


There is a possibility of a 5th book to come out as a Blaze, but I don’t want to promise that in case it doesn’t happen. I know many readers were waiting for Owen’s story, in particular. I will do my best to give him the HEA he deserves in whatever format that might be. So stay tuned, and once I know more I will update you.



While I’m sad to see Blaze go, I understand that in this industry change is the only constant. As always, my focus is on writing the best stories I can, improving my craft and reaching as many people as possible with the message that a happy ever after is possible.

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  1. Maggie Jones says:

    Not sure why you ever hesitated to write that, Stefanie, because this is truly inspirational. Wishing you so much success, but you’re always going to find a home with your writing. Maggie x

    • Stefanie says:

      Thanks Maggie, that’s so sweet. I appreciate the support. I didn’t hesitate to write this post at all, I think it’s important to keep my readers up to date :)

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