Bad Bachelor: The Backstory

March 18, 2018 · Contemporary, My Books, New Release

Where did the idea for Bad Bachelors come from?
The question also known as: what kind of crazy person dreams up an evil idea like this?? When I was first working on the proposal for this series, the idea was more of a match-making app. However, I saw an article talking about the creation of the review website Yelp, but for people. In the end, I think it was an April fool’s joke. But the plot bunnies were running wild at that point, and who am I not to give a good home to some adorable little plot bunnies??


So, I switched my idea from being about match-making to being about a “bachelor review” app. While the series itself is absolutely a rom com and highly focused on the romance, I did want to use the app as a way to highlight how social media influences behaviour and perception. We got the internet when I was sixteen, and I have been on Twitter and Facebook for over a decade.

I’ve also worked in an information and internet security team for several years as well (which is why you’ll find elements of social engineering, hacking, phishing etc. popping up in my books from time to time). Needless to say, I have a fascination for online behaviour and the pros and cons of social media’s impact on our world.

That’s the background of Bad Bachelors. Like I said, this is absolutely a romance book. But if you like stories that have something meaty in the background, then this might give you an idea of what to expect. I can’t say too much about the thread that runs through the stories without spoiling anything. But, for those who’ve already picked up a copy, there’s more to come about the mysterious creator, why it was created and Manhattan’s reaction to it.

Reed profile

As for the characters, Darcy and Reed are possibly two of my favourite heroine and hero combinations ever! They’ve got a great frenemies to lovers vibes, sexual tension that’s off the charts and there’s so much banter is made my heart full writing every word. Plus there’s a pinch of family drama as well, just to keep the characters on their toes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into the idea for the series and that I’ve piqued your interested in book #1. Check out the following links to see where you can buy a copy of Bad Bachelor in your location.

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  1. Diane Murach says:

    In the process of reading my first book of Stephanie’s and had to stop and go hit following so I can hear about all her books. I’m enjoying the way she writes as her characters and plot are so interesting. Thank you and looking forward to more of Stephanie’s books.

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