1. Bad Bachelor receives a starred review!

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    The countdown to the release of Bad Bachelors is on! I can’t wait for you all to meet my plucky, tattooed librarian and the baddest bachelor in Manhattan. So far, the start of this series is receiving some amazing reviews, including a starred review from Booklist:


    Publisher’s Weekly also called it a “heartfelt novel” and had the following to say: “London tosses in lots of delicious plot curves—including the identity of the Bad Bachelors founder and the real reason Reed hates libraries—along with achingly flawed characters who’ll have readers rooting for their romantic success… London’s skillful writing and expert characterization carry the day.”

    Bad Bachelor is out on March 6th 2018. Find out where you can pre-order a copy here.


  2. My Best Reads of 2017

    This is a repost from the Lovecats Downunder blog…

    It’s the time of year where I share with you the best things I read in the last twelve months! I read 38 books in 2017. Not my best effort in recent years, and it’s definitely something I want to concentrate more on in 2018.

    Okay, here the books I loved reading in 2017…

    Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo
    When I looked back to last year’s list, the first book of this trilogy was on it. The Grisha Trilogy started strong and ended strong. I LOVED it! Fabulous high-fantasy YA trilogy with a Russian bent. These books kept me turning the pages like crazy.

    The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre
    This won’t be for everyone. It’s a thriller about a Cam Girl who won’t ever leave her apartment because she has the desire to commit murder. However, she’s forced to leave the sanctity of her home when the life of a young girl is at risk, and she’s the only person who can save her. Another page-turner. Highly recommend!

    Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger
    Romantic suspense novel with a kick-ass Hello Kitty-wearing hacker heroine. I might be in the minority here in Romance Land, but I read as much for the heroine as the hero. If the heroine doesn’t grab me, I’m out. This book is the perfect blend of great writing, snappy banter, and awesome tech suspense.

    Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
    Super fun. This is another quite heroine-centric story which involves a drunken Vegas wedding and a subsequent whirlwind romance in Paris. There’s sexy costumes and role play, great writing and and a totally sweet HEA.

    The Shattered Court by MJ. Scott
    Wonderful high-fantasy romance that sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. I’m not at all surprised it was a RITA finalist in 2016. Beautiful writing, great world building and an interesting magic system all compliment an interesting, unique romance.

    A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
    Another fantasy romance. I know, it must be turning into a favourite subgenre of mine! This one is glorious. Interesting magic system, gruff by swoon-worthy hero and a spitfire heroine. Even if you’re not normally into fantasy, I still recommend giving this a shot. Impeccable character development make this worth the read!

    My TBR for 2018 is already crazy overflowing, but here are a few books sitting high up on the list:

    • Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
    • The Forbidden Heir by M.J. Scott
    • The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren
    • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
    • Pretty much anything and everything by Lauren Layne and Sarah Morgan (I’m trying to get up to date with both their backlists)
    • All the books coming out with Harlequin’s new Dare line!! So excited for this launch.
  3. Cover reveal! Unmasked is coming in 2018…

    After the closure of Harlequin’s Blaze imprint (sob!) I was thrilled to be asked to write two stories for their brand new, soon-to-be-launched Dare imprint. Dare stories are super sexy, contemporary reads with an international flavour. My duet, Melbourne After Dark, features two best friends who sneak into a high-society masquerade ball to capture their targets in disguise. One girls gets the right guy, and one gets the wrong guy!

    Book #1 Unmasked will be out in April 2018 and I am so excited to share the cover with you. Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!

    9781488082443 600px

    Cinderella is about to get wicked… But can a naughty fantasy have a happily-ever-after?

    Lainey Kline has one goal before she leaves Melbourne forever: transform herself into a sexy siren, sneak into the season’s most glamorous masquerade ball and seduce Damian McKnight. Only there’s a teeny little problem—one deliciously hot night isn’t nearly enough. Now Lainey wants more. But while getting naked is one thing, taking off their masks is quite another…

    “Dare is Harlequin’s hottest line yet. Every book should come with a free fan. I dare you to try them!” —Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author

    The details…

    The cover above is the North American cover, and this will only be available in digital. In the UK and Australia Dare books will be available in print as well as digital, and will have their own Mills & Boon branded covers. The UK edition is the one with pink writing and the Aussie cover is the one with blue writing.



    If you’re in the US or Canada and you want a print copy, Book Depository is your friend. Unmasked is already up for pre-order and they offer free international shipping.

    I’m so excited for these books to be out in the wild. The Dare line will feature a variety of stories with everything from bikers to CEOs to royalty. My books will have the same laugh-out-loud rom com vibe as the rest of my stories, but will be a little higher on the heat spectrum (if you’ve read and enjoyed my Blaze books, you can expect a similar heat-level.)

  4. A sexy Christmas sale!

    Happy Saturday!! Millionaire Under the Mistletoe is currently on sale for only 99c across retailers. It’ll be discounted for a limited time only, so if you’re looking for a sexy and emotional holiday romance then one-click away!
    “With the beauty of a white Christmas, some funny encounters, and a little holiday magic, MILLIONAIRE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a charming romance that will warm you up this Winter. ” – Books of All Kinds

    Millionaire Under the Mistletoe

    Stella Jackson would rather stab herself in the eye with her own stiletto than return to England. Especially in winter. But to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish, she has to spend Christmas at the estate she inherited from him…with the one man she wishes she could forget.

    Self-made millionaire Evan Foss wants one thing from Stella—her estate. But thanks to their rocky past, he’s the last person she’ll sell to. So when she takes him up on a bet, with the estate as the prize, Evan can’t believe his luck. The only problem is that seeing her now, sexy and all grown up, tempts Evan to finish what started years ago between them.

    An excerpt from Millionaire Under the Mistletoe…

    “We’re having fun now, aren’t we?” She sipped her wine, trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

    You’re on thin ice right now. What are you going to do if you get back to his apartment and he puts the brakes on again?

    There was a big difference between now and four years ago—she had something he wanted: the estate. Which meant she had the upper hand.

    “I am.” He carved off a piece of his steak and chewed. “But that wasn’t exactly the type of fun I was talking about.”

    The way his lips moved as he ate was startlingly erotic. The man was talented with his lips, he’d given her a kiss hotter than the depths of hell—a kiss that’d been branded into her memory and continued to replay over and over in the back of her mind like a needle skipping at the end of a record.

    “And what kind of fun were you talking about?”

    “The primitive kind.”

     The close ceilings and dim lights of the restaurant gave a false sense of intimacy, but she’d have to remind herself that they weren’t alone. Not yet. There was still time to back away, before she started sliding into bad decisions.

    Would it be so bad? Sex is just sex, you can keep it separate.

    “The carnal kind,” he said. “The kind that’ll leave you aching tomorrow morning.”

    She was already aching from the low tone of his voice. The sound rubbed over her, creating sparks against her nerves and causing a tight bundle of heat at the apex of her thighs. At this rate, the fancy lace knickers she’d purchased today would be soaked through before they got done negotiating terms.

    “What’s changed?” she asked, stalling.

    “We’re adults now.” He leaned forward. “We’re free to make our own decisions.”

    Her stomach fluttered, and she couldn’t seem to tame the pulsing deep within her. Hearing the invitation in Evan’s voice was doing nothing to help her gain control of the situation.

    “And how do you know I’m attracted to you?”

    “It’s obvious.” He laughed, the low, gravelly sound made goose bumps break out along her skin. “I knew it the second you kissed me back.”

    Her face grew hot. Had she been that transparent? He had kissed her, not the other way around. “You’re overconfident.”

    “You’re bluffing.” The words came out as a growl. There was something about it that roused her primal side, the side that wanted to take control. “Tell me, I want to hear you say it.”

    “Tell you what?”

    “How much you enjoyed it.”

    “Do you want me to lie?” She tipped her chin up at him, desperate to put him off his game the way he’d done to her. But Evan was a master at upsetting her grip on solid ground—he had her slipping and sliding, her heart thudding in her chest. This game of cat and mouse pleased her far more than it should have.

    You can’t keep up. He’s better at this than you are, he has more experience.

    But she wanted to play. She wanted to best him…and then she wanted to be taken to bed.

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  5. One day to go…

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    ONE DAY TO GO!! Trouble Next Door releases tomorrow. A sexy nerd, the crazy girl next door, and a sex toy delivery gone wrong…

    Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon Aus

    Kobo | iTunes | B&N


    What are people saying about Trouble Next Door?

    “The characters in this book were fabulous….If you’ve never read a Stefanie London book, this is a great place to start. If you’re a fan of her other books, you’re going to love McKenna and Beckett.” – Goodreads review

    “A quirky, sparkly, funny romance that is typical Stefanie London. Beckett and McKenna’s story is filled with witty banter and a sharp dialog that is filled with one liners delivered by McKenna that literally will leave you with tears of laughter.” – Goodreads Review

    More makeup videos…

    I’m back with more makeup tips! This video features tips on applying foundation for an even finish, and techniques for stopping makeup from creasing. You can view the video here.


  6. Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Trouble Next Door

    I’m SO excited to share a sneak peek at my upcoming romantic comedy release, Trouble Next Door. It features a larger-than-life makeup artist heroine, a introverted yet sexy IT nerd hero and a box of wayward sex toys.

    Trouble Next Door is out on November 13th!

    TroubleNextDoor 450px

    Chapter One

    McKenna Prescott stared at the invoice on her phone, her eyes narrowed at the Real Skin Whoppers eight-inch vibrator, and had two questions. One, was there such a thing as too much veining on a vibrator? And two, why would they name it after a hamburger?

    Hungry Jack’s associations aside, it didn’t look half bad. It certainly had a little extra length on her previous model…but she couldn’t really blame her ex for that. He could only make do with what God had given him.

    You’re just angry because you didn’t pull the pin first. But you’ve learned your lesson—no more guys for the foreseeable future. It’s time to focus on you.

    McKenna was engaging in what she’d decided to call Operation Self-Love. There was no point crying over douchebags. Two nights ago that had been hammered home for good. Her eye makeup had been on point—a smoky dark sapphire blue with glitter and the most kick-butt set of false lashes ever—but by the time she’d come home she looked like Britney Spears circa 2007. Total hot-mess meltdown.

    And to think she’d worn blue because she knew Gage loved it and then he’d gone and tossed it back in her face by saying he wanted a classy, elegant woman on his arm. Like she was trash because she liked shiny things.

    Ugh, Gage. He wasn’t the man of her dreams, by any means. But he’d impressed her parents and given her a brief taste of their approval. His rejection last night hadn’t hurt her heart the way it should have, but it had shown her that she’d been setting the bar so low that she barely had to lift her foot to step over it. And then, once again, she’d failed. Failed to hang on to a man like Gage, failed to be impressive enough that he would want her by his side for the next step in his career.

    But what about the next step in her career?

    Screw Gage. Screw all men, actually. And screw her family, too.

    McKenna was sick of being the sore point in people’s lives. She was sick of choosing men who treated her like a disposable makeup wipe. It was time she started living for herself. This was the last time she was ever going to waste mascara on a man.

    McKenna cringed as she glanced at the empty bottle of Red Hill Pinot Noir she’d consumed last night sitting on her desk. It was a fancy wine. A gift from her parents after they had visited a friend’s vineyard. Probably not intended for wallowing in post-breakup pity while drunkenly shopping for sex toys. But it certainly explained the eye-bulging total amount of her order. Three hundred bucks wasn’t too much, was it? Who the hell cared? At this point, her browser knew more about her life than any man who’d drifted in or out in the last few years. So, she was going exclusive. She could be in a committed relationship with her laptop…and Mr. Whopper, as she’d decided to call him.

    Unfortunately, the drain on her credit card wasn’t her biggest worry. It was the email saying her package had been delivered even though she hadn’t received a notification from the building’s concierge. Those guys were like clockwork when something arrived.

    How strange.

    McKenna grabbed her keys and decided to go investigate. If she was going to spend Friday night alone, wallowing in her newly single status—again­—then she may as well have a battery-operated friend.

    She headed downstairs and caught the attention of the person manning the concierge desk. A small trolley behind him was piled high with packages, which meant the mail had definitely been delivered today.

    “Ms. Prescott.” The gentleman beamed. “How can I help you?”

    This was the one time she hated the fact that the guy somehow managed to remember everyone’s name and what floor they lived on. A little anonymity would not have gone astray on this occasion.

    “I’m trying to find a missing parcel. According to the tracking information, it arrived today.” McKenna frowned. “It’s, uh, quite a…valuable parcel.”

    God, of all the bloody packages to go missing…

    She scanned the email with the tracking information, then told him, “It says it was delivered at three forty-two p.m.”

    “I’m sorry,” the older man said, scratching his head. “I haven’t had anything arrive for you and I’ve logged all the packages that came in today. Nothing had your apartment number on it.”

    The universe must have her name on a hit list somewhere. Who up there had she pissed off so royally? Not only could she not keep a guy around for more than five minutes, but she was also destined not to have an artificial replacement, either.

    She braced her hands on the concierge’s desk and leaned forward, giving him her most charming smile. “Please, Matthew. If you could do some digging, I’d really appreciate it.”

    “Let me look up the freight company.” He tapped at the computer screen. “We had three parcels come in from them today. Delivered at three forty-two p.m.”

    “That’s the right time.”

    “They were logged under apartment 601, 312, and 110.” He cocked his head. “You’re on level one, right? What apartment number, again?”

    “101,” McKenna said, a sinking feeling settling into the pit of her stomach.

    “What name was on the parcel? Yours?”

    She cringed. “Noelle Smith.”

    It was her alias for any time she didn’t want to give her real name out—like if a creepy dude wanted her number…or if she happened to be ordering several hundred dollars’ worth of sex toys online. If the box gave anything away, she could claim ignorance and blame it on her “friend,” Noelle.

    “It’s a gift for a girlfriend,” she added, meekly.

    “Looks like it was logged under apartment 110. The shipping company must have gotten the address wrong.”

    McKenna checked her email with the shipping confirmation. Shit. Looks like she was the one who got the address wrong—clearly, drunk typing was not her forte. Great, now she’d have to convince him that it was her parcel…and that meant showing him the invoice with all her dirty little secrets in black-and-white print.

    “Uh, actually, looks like that was my fault.” She put on her best sheepish expression. “I typed the number in wrong. Fat fingers, I guess.”

    Matthew nodded. “It happens.”

    “If I show you the invoice will you still let me have it? I know it doesn’t have my name on it, but I have proof of purchase.” McKenna sucked in a breath when he frowned. “I really need my parcel.”

    “I’m afraid that’s out of my control, Ms. Prescott. 110 already picked it up.”

    Double shit. Can this day get any more embarrassing?

    “Looks like I’ll have to go knock on their door then.” And hope to God that they hadn’t opened her parcel. “Who’s in 110, again?”

    She tried to think. Who was on her floor? There was the sweet older couple with the adorable terrier who always wore a tartan coat. They weren’t at 110, she was sure of it. Then, there was a father and daughter a few doors down, a guy who only seemed to be around a week or so everything month. And…

    Triple shit.

    She knew exactly who was in 110. The only guy in the building who’d ever made her look twice—Mr. tall, blond, and handsome who had an equally tall, blond, and gorgeous girlfriend. Or was she his wife? She’d only bumped into him a few times and he’d always had this broody, far-away look about him like his brain was operating on some other level. On the few occasions she’d said hello, he had done little more than grunt a barely passable return greeting.

    Not him. Please, anyone but him.

    “Beckett Walsh,” the concierge said.

    Of course it was him. The universe was not going to cut her a break today. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her ex had dropped by her work today to “check that she was coping” after their breakup two nights ago—seriously, who did that?—and she’d had to play nice because her area manager was visiting, when all she’d wanted to do was grab Gage’s face and mush it into the lipstick rack.

    “Thanks for your help,” McKenna said.

    She headed toward the elevators, her shoulders slumping. Maybe she should cut her losses and move to the outback where she could live as a hermit. It wouldn’t be all bad. She could adopt a dingo and be some kind of local urban legend. The girl who turned her back on a box of vibrators.

    Ugh. Three hundred bucks wasn’t that much…was it? On a retail wage, it was. A few freelance jobs would help her make it up, but work was hard to come by at this time of year. Late July was miserable in Melbourne, oscillating between windy and cold, and rainy and colder. Not exactly peak bridal season. And the school formal calendar wouldn’t kick in for months. Not to mention they were in the public holiday dead zone.

    Yeah, and your hopes of giving up shitty retail work to be a real makeup artist will be all for nothing if you keep it up.

    This was what she got for “wasting money on frivolous things,” as her mother had once said to her. Maybe she wasn’t entitled to sexual pleasure.

    McKenna stepped into the elevator and jabbed at the button for the first floor, tapping her chunky black boot. Screw it, she’d go to apartment 110 and claim back her box of debauchery. Then she could start hunting for a new place to live.

    The elevator pinged and she strode down the hallway, deciding not to go home first for fear of chickening out. When she got to apartment 110, she stood in front of Beckett Walsh’s door. The gold numbers glinted at her, as if reveling in her forthcoming mortification.

    Hovering, McKenna pulled her compact out of her bag to check her makeup. If she was going to throw her dignity to the wolves, she may as well look good while doing it. The plum and black eye makeup she’d worn to work had the right amount of don’t-fuck-with-me vibes. Plus, she’d swapped out her matte nude lipstick for a more exciting wet-shine gloss at the counter today, which made her look even more fierce. She might get out of this unscathed.


    Find out more here.

  7. Release Day Giveaway

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    It’s release day for Betting the Bad Boy and I am so freaking excited! Release day is always a mix of emotions – joy that another book has finally made it out of my head and into the wild. Anxiousness about how the book will do (will people love my baby???) Panic to compensate for the fact that I will most definitely have been procrastinating on marketing activities right up until the eleventh hour.

    But mostly it’s excitement ;)


    Betting the Bad Boy is the third and final book int he Behind the Bar series and I’m so sad it’s over. I’ve been immersed in the world and these characters since 2013, when I started working on The Rules According to Gracie. I wasn’t even published yet, and now I’m finally able to give the three men (Des, Paul & Noah) of First Bar & Restaurant their HEAs.

    These books are a series, however they completely work as standalone books. So you can read them in any order you choose.

    BettingTheBadBoy 500px

    Self-confessed perfectionist Paige Thomas isn’t used to failing. But when a critical error in romantic judgment sends all her big city career dreams crashing down, she scrambles to find a job—any job—to make ends meet.

    Noah Reid may as well have “trust issues” tattooed on his forehead. Being raised in the foster system didn’t give him a positive outlook on relationships, but now he’s looking after his best friend’s bar for one month, and he can’t do it alone.

    Things get steamy when Noah hires Paige, but she’s determined not to repeat her mistakes and she bets Noah that she can keep her hands to herself while they’re working together. Too bad for her, Noah is an expert at breaking the rules…

    Now, onto the giveaway…

    Giveaway Online small

    Betting the Bad Boy giveaway

    *nb. If the winner is in a location where a Starbucks gift card cannot be used, an Amazon giftcard will be substituted.

  8. My favourite kind of bad boy romance

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    tl;dr: if you love a fun and flirty bad boy romance, then this one is for you!

    It’s only April and already I’m getting ready to finish another series. Behind the Bar started back in January 2015 with The Rules According to Gracie and the third and final book will be released in two weeks. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and messaged to find out when Noah would get his HEA. Honestly, this gives me such a buzz. I LOVE hearing when readers connect with a character and are looking forward to their story. It makes me even more eager to get writing.

    This story was a blast to write since I’m a total sucker for both a bad boy romance and a work-place romance. Noah is my favourite kind of bad boy romance hero – the kind who is really a softie underneath his sexy, tough exterior. All we need is the right kind of heroine to come along and dig below the surface.



    Self-confessed perfectionist Paige Thomas isn’t used to failing. But when a critical error in romantic judgment sends all her big city career dreams crashing down, she scrambles to find a job—any job—to make ends meet.

    Noah Reid may as well have “trust issues” tattooed on his forehead. Being raised in the foster system didn’t give him a positive outlook on relationships, but now he’s looking after his best friend’s bar for one month, and he can’t do it alone.

    Things get steamy when Noah hires Paige, but she’s determined not to repeat her mistakes and she bets Noah that she can keep her hands to herself while they’re working together. Too bad for her, Noah is an expert at breaking the rules…

    Here’s an excerpt from the betting the bad boy romance novel for your enjoyment…

    Paige and Noah are taking part in a Mixology class run by Libby and Paul (whom you might remember from Pretend It’s Love!) and things are about to get steamy…

    She held the blindfold while trying to ignore the flutter of excitement in her stomach. Her fingers toyed with the elasticated band meant to hold the mask in place.

    “Both partners are going to get a turn at being blindfolded,” Libby said from the front of the room. “Between yourselves, pick who’s going to go first.”

    Noah looked down at her, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. He ran a hand along his jaw, catching the reddish-gold bristles of his burgeoning beard. For a moment, Paige was totally captured with the idea of how the bristles might feel on her skin. Would they be smooth or rough? Would she shriek if he brushed them along her inner thigh?

    “What do you say, new girl?” He cocked his head. “Would you rather do the blindfolding or be blindfolded?”

    At that point she would have been happy to go all in— blindfolded, tied up, and held down.

    Holy crap, would you listen to yourself? This is a work function, not a goddamn re-creation of Fifty Shades.

    “Blindfolded,” she squeaked, thrusting the mask into his hands and spinning so quickly that she almost lost her footing.

    “You know, I’ve never done this before.” His hand steadied her, the reassuring warmth of his touch seeping into her skin. Her bones felt like jelly.

    “Blindfolded someone?” she asked, cringing at how shaky her voice sounded.

    “Ah, no. I meant the taste test.” He chuckled as he slipped the mask over her eyes.

    Heat rushed up to Paige’s cheeks. Of course he meant the taste test. What an idiot she was. Just because her brain was earning an R-rating tonight didn’t mean his was, too. She fought back a tremor as he brushed some loose hairs from her neck so he could adjust the strap on the mask.

    Everything went dark, and Paige gripped the edge of the table for support.

    Warm breath whispered over her ear, and she could tell he’d leaned in a little closer. The scent of coffee and faded cologne tempted her to turn her head toward the source.

    “I’ve definitely blindfolded someone before, but it wasn’t for a taste test.”

    Her breath hitched, and she was grateful that she’d had the presence of mind to hold on to something. “Oh.”

    He chuckled. “Yeah, that’s what she said.”

    Holy. Freaking. Shit.