1. Pretend It’s Love becomes a USA Today Bestseller

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    This book.

    I’ll be honest, The Rules According to Gracie was initially intended to be a standalone novella. But I became curious about the laid-back, skirt-chasing Paul after turning the first book in. When I started writing his story, I realized that he was, in fact, a little misunderstood. He was a loyal, kind-hearted guy who might be a little rough around the edges, but in the best way possible.

    Each book is a different experience for me – some books need to be dragged out, kicking and screaming. Others plod along slowly, all of a sudden picking up pace when you least expect it. But both of my Behind the Bar books seemed to fly out of my fingers. I don’t know why.

    And, best of all, they resonated with readers. Especially Pretend It’s Love.

    Then, last week, this book broke another record for me. It landed on the USA Today Bestseller list at spot #115. There aren’t the words to describe how utterly shocked I was.

    This book has brought me an immense amount of joy to see how much readers loved Libby and Paul’s story. Now, it’s helped me achieve a career goal that I jotted down a year ago in the hopes that I might one day (in the far off, distant future) see my name on a bestseller list.

    If you bought a copy of this book (or any of my other books), thank you. If you’ve left a review (even if you hated it), thank you.If you’ve tweeted/messages/told a friend about my book, thank you. Without the wonderful people who chose to click the buy button on my books, I wouldn’t have my dream career.

    So again, a million times thank you.

  2. How should you end your chapter?

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    Hi guys! It’s time for another video. This is from my writing craft series and it’s all about ‘chapter hooks’ i.e. how to end your chapter and to propel your reader into the next chapter. I hope you find it helpful and interesting. As always your feedback is most welcome, so feel free to leave comments and video requests on this blog post or over on Youtube. Mwah!

  3. The Year Ahead…

    It’s mid-way through February and I’ve barely stopped since J and I got back from Europe. There were copy edits, proofs and final bits and pieces for Loving the Odds which is out next month. I’m also working on the third book in the Dangerous Bachelors Club series for Harlequin Blaze (yes, this series finally has a name!!) So there has been lots of BIGFAT time (BIGFAT = Butt Is Glued Fingers Are Typing, which I’ve borrowed from my old writer’s group back home).

    Plus, J and I are going through the process of applying for Permanent Residency here in Canada. It’s hard to believe our two-year Visas are going to be done so soon and we’re not quite ready to leave. Thankfully, that process is going well so far.

    That has meant that planning for the year has taken a bit of a backseat, as has this blog. But here’s what’s going on in 2016:

    • The Dangerous Bachelor’s Club series is contracted to be six books long, so I’ll be working on the next few installments of that. I’m so excited to flesh out the world I created last year and also to give HEAs to the characters you met in A Dangerously Sexy Christmas.
    • I’ve started working on a new series for Entangled Indulgence, which surrounds a wealthy Australian family who run a department store company. The first book has been drafted and (bonus!) the heroine is Emmaline Greene, whom you met in The Rules According to Gracie (Behind the Bar book #1). A lot of readers wanted to know if poor Emmaline would get her own HEA after what happened to her in that book. Good news is, yes! I wasn’t going to leave her hanging ;)
    • Speaking of the Behind the Bar series…I’m toying with writing a third book. If you read Pretend It’s Love then you may remember Noah, who was Des’s groomsman and practically-adopted brother. I just can’t seem to leave this world behind.

    In terms of non-writing stuff that’s happening this year:

    • I’m going back home for a visit!! I love living in Canada and being able to travel, but it’s been almost two years since I left and I miss my family a lot. I also miss Australian coffee and smashes avo on toast. So, I’m killing two birds with one stone ;)
    • I’ve set up my Goodreads challenge at 60 books for the year. It’s been a slow start, but after I’ve met my latest deadline I’m going to spend a week catching up. Plus I’ll have that super-long 35-hour travel time to and from Australia in May, which should help.
    • I’m getting back into making YouTube videos are a little unexpected downtime with my channel. I was a beauty blogger and vlogger before I started writing fiction, so I really enjoy making chatty videos and helping other on their writing journey.

    Speaking of which, here’s my latest video and my first one for 2016! I recently participated on a romance author panel and I had such a wonderful time, I thought I would share some of the common questions that I get asked about my work and about being a romance author.

  4. The Christmas Gift

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    It’s hard to believe Christmas and the new year are coming around once more. No matter how much I plan, they seem to sneak up on me every year. This year, however, I had to be more organised than normal as my husband and I are spending Christmas and New Years Eve overseas. We leave for Iceland this weekend and then we’re travelling to England and Germany. Exciting times!

    But I couldn’t end the year without saying thank you to my wonderful readers. Honestly, you guys make it all worth it. Being an author isn’t the easiest job in the world but it is the job that I’ve loved the most, that inspires me constantly and makes me want to leap out of bed in the morning and get to work.

    So, as a token of my appreciation I have published a little short story for you all on Wattpad. This 900 word story was originally written as a Christmas-themed writing challenge a few years ago. Now I’ve updated it, given it a cover and put it out in the world:

    Ellen is spending her first Christmas without her husband, Dean. Though she tries to put on a happy face for her two daughters, she can’t help but struggle to get into the holiday spirit.

    Click here to read the Christmas Gift.

    TCG 700px

    This is the perfect bite-sized story to accompany a cup of tea or hot chocolate if you’re looking to infuse your afternoon with a little Christmas magic.

    I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for all your support this year, for the reviews and comments and messages. You guys rock.

    May your Decembers be full of love and joy, and may you have an incredible start to 2016. I’ll see you next year.

  5. Sleighs Bells in the Sand – first sneak peek!

    There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a story finally come to fruition. When I’ve finally gotten the characters out of your head and given them wings, when they find a satisfying Happy Ever After, I can’t help but feel like a proud mamma.

    I’ve recently had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with 6 other amazing Aussie and NZ romance authors (whom you might recognise from the LoveCats DownUnder blog) to pull together this fun and sexy box set. Hot Christmas Nights features seven holiday stories set in Australia and New Zealand (so no snow and warm cocoa in these Christmas stories!)

    We’ve got second chances stories, summer storms, friends falling in love, cowboys, millionaires and more!

    My story, Sleighs Bells in the Sand, is part of my Kite Harbor series even though it takes place in Sorrento, Victoria. For those who read A Kiss in Kite Harbor, you might remember a reference to the hero’s travelling sister. Well, this is her story…now we get to find out what happened while she was off globe-trotting while her family was left behind.

    Read on for a sneak peek at chapter one…

    Hot Christmas Nights - lovecats box set FINAL 500px

    Pre-Orders are available now! Amazon US | CA | UK | Aus

    American Neve Ritter has traveled all the way to Australia to avoid her family for the holidays. But her plans did not include accidentally breaking into the house of a hunky lawyer who’s looking for a little solitude of his own. When a summer storm traps them together, Neve realizes that maybe Santa has been listening to her wishes all along.

    Chapter One

    Neve Ritter turned her face up to the sun and breathed in deep. She was finally here, in the picturesque coastal town of Sorrento, way down at the bottom of Australia. Miles and miles away from home—a whole hemisphere, in fact.

    Ready to spend Christmas all by herself.

    It was more than a little daunting. She’d never spent Christmas alone, ever. Even last year when she’d packed her bags and left her family, she’d spent the holidays in an English hostel surrounded by people and warmth and cheer. But now she needed to think, to reflect. And that wasn’t exactly a group activity.

    Her muscles protested as she stretched her arms above her head and forced her blood to get moving. The nine-and-a-half-hour flight from Thailand followed by a two-hour drive from Tullamarine airport had made her as stiff as over starched sheets. And the air had been hot and dry like the blast from an open oven when she’d stepped out of her rental car.

    It was weird to think that so many people celebrated the Christmas in the summer. Did their greeting cards have snow on them? Did they still drink mulled cider and have turkey for lunch? It was hard to believe anyone would want to roast a bird in this heat. Maybe that’s why all those Aussies were always throwing shrimps on the barbie.

    No, not shrimps. Prawns. Better get the lingo right while she was here.

    The scent of ocean salt and eucalyptus danced along the warm breeze as she took in her surroundings. The tourist beach wasn’t far from the house she’d been told, but here—among the looming trees and shrubbery in every shade of green and brown—she felt far away from everything, especially civilization.

    Popping the trunk on her rental car, she set her bag on the gravel driveway. The wheelie bag—which converted into a backpack—contained the not-so-worldly possessions she’d left home with twelve months ago, her sights set on adventure and truth. And she’d gotten both of those things, but the truth hadn’t set her free as the old saying suggested.

    Maybe skeletons were kept in closets for a reason. More fool her, she’d not only let them out but she’d chased them around the world…and for what?

    A lump lodged in her throat but she swallowed it down. She wasn’t going to feel sorry for herself. Pity was for chumps. Besides, she had a beautiful beach house all to herself. She could laze around for the next week doing nothing but swimming in the ocean, catching some sun and reading. Who wouldn’t want that?

    A voice niggled in the back of her mind, telling her she’d be lonely. It had been a long time since Neve had chosen to be alone. But this was different. Peace and quiet would help her figure out how to come clean with her family.

    Regardless, she had a flight booked for New Year’s Day. Her return to her hometown of Kite Harbor was inevitable, and while it wasn’t set in stone it was set in non-refundable plane tickets. And that was kind of the same thing.

    She jabbed the passcode into the house’s pin pad a little harder than she needed to. When a soft click confirmed her access, she entered. The air was surprisingly cool considering the house had been apparently unoccupied for some months.

    All the shades were drawn, and the house was clean and tidy. A puffy green sofa sat in the middle of the open living area, flanked by two small side tables. There was a flat screen TV, shelves heaving with well-loved books and board games, and a rug that looked soft and cozy as though it had been designed for bare feet.

    Tempting as it was to start with the grand tour, Neve was desperate for a coffee. Leaving her bag in the main room, she wandered over to the kitchen and within minutes the air was filled with a delicious aroma. Cradling the coffee cup between her hands, she leaned back against the kitchen counter and sighed.

    Guilt was already winding its suffocating arms around her. It would take a while to come to terms with what had happened this past year. Of what it meant to close the door on a relationship she’d always hoped to rekindle. But the words ‘I don’t want anything to do with you’ were forever etched into her brain.

    And then there was her family, aka the people she’d ditched after promising she’d be home for the holidays. She hadn’t even been able to break the news via Skype or over the phone. A quick email—barely two lines—had informed them she wouldn’t be returning home as planned.

    You’re a freaking coward. They deserve better than that.

    Perhaps her inner critic was right. She was a coward, but the thought of facing them—of coming home a failure—seemed even harder to bear at such a special time of year. The New Year would give her a fresh start. An opportunity to make things right, she just had to work up the courage to tell the truth.

    The sound of something clicking against the floorboards startled her. The hairs on her arm stood on end. She wasn’t alone in the house.


    A low rumbling growl sent a tremor through her as a hulking, black dog blocked the entrance to the kitchen. Its fur was dark as ink and the beast stood almost to waist-height. As it bared its teeth, another low growl rumbled from the back of its throat.

    Holy hell, its teeth looked sharp as knives. Long and pointed and perfectly shaped to pierce through flesh.

    Shit, shit, shit!

    “Easy,” she said, flattening her back to the counter and setting her coffee down. Her stomach clenched as she forced herself to breath slow and steady. She’d be fine against anything—bugs, spiders, snakes…but not a dog.

    Don’t just stand there, do something!

    Her eyes darted around the kitchen. The counters were bare, but a frying pan sat on the stovetop just out of reach. She didn’t like the idea of hitting an animal but if it tried to bite her she was going to need something to defend herself with. She reached out but the dog took a step forward and let out a sharp, warning bark.

    Neve flinched, her heart hammering against her ribcage. How the hell had it gotten inside the house? She was sure she’d closed the front door behind her.

    “Be calm,” she muttered under her breath. “Don’t let it know you’re scared.”

    Terrified was a more accurate descriptor. All she could focus on was the way the dog’s eyes were locked onto her. Like it was hungry and she was a big, tasty bag of bones.

    Think, dammit. What would The Dog Whisperer do?

  6. Harlequin’s Biggest Sale ever!

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    The people are Harlequin just know how to get my attention. 10,000 titles on sale?? Yes, please! I’m already planning which titles to pick up. Now might be a good time to stock up on some of my favourite authors like Sarah Mayberry, Tawny Weber and Jill Shalvis. Old school Blaze books come at me!



    I have a few Harlequin books included in this sale as well!

    Ballerina Sale1

    Only the Brave Try Ballet was the very first book I ever wrote and is the reason I’m writing full time now. It has such a special place in my heart!

    Amazon | B&N (Nook) | iTunes 

    Breaking the Bro Code is book #2 in the duology and was one of the hardest books I’ve ever written. It tackles some dark subject matter but still has lots all my usual fun and flirty banter.

    Amazon | B&N (Nook) | iTunes

    What people have said about Only The Brave Try Ballet and Breaking the Bro Code:

    “Only the Brave Try Ballet is a terrific debut novel that I found difficult to put down! Fun, flirty and emotional, this feel-good contemporary romance will delight fans of Jill Shalvis and Sarah Morgan with its captivating blend of witty repartee, steamy love scenes, powerful emotional conflict and poignant romance.” – Cataromance (Only the Brave Try Ballet)

    “Man, what a fun book! Mind you, it wasn’t all hearts and flowers – there were some pretty deep subjects tackled, but getting there was a great ride…it all came together very sweetly with a satisfactory ending that left me with a big grin on my face.” – Harlequin Junkie (Only the Brave Try Ballet)

    “I adored this read so very much, it had sweet passion, intrigue and such a lovely combination of sweet and sexy meets lust and passion, that it just popped from the pages and I certainly did not want the story to end.” –Contemporary Romance Reviews (Breaking the Bro Code)

    Are you picking up anything from Harlequin’s massive sale? Who are your favourite Harlequin authors?

  7. How to start your story?

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    Hi everyone! I’ve got a new video for anyone who’s toiling with the start of a story. Here are my tips for the best ways to start your story, what cliches to avoid and a few tips for assessing your own manuscript.

  8. Book birthday, updates & a new video

    Today is release day for Pretend It’s Love!!!




    Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. It’s always great to see a book be released into the wild after months of writing, revising, editing and tinkering (oh, and sleepless nights. There are usually a few of those!)

    I’m particularly excited about this book because I had such a great time writing it. Not all books fly out of my fingers, to be honest – I wish they did! Each book has it’s own journey and sometimes the characters take their time opening up to me. Or sometimes the story veers off-track and needs to be redirected. But Pretend It’s Love made me laugh, cheer and smile a lot while I was writing it.

    This is book #2 in the Behind the Bar series, following on from The Rules According to Gracie.

    Bar manager Paul Chapman is sick of his family’s traditional ideals. Marriage, babies, and a white picket fence? Not his gig. But now that his ‘golden child’ big brother is tying the knot, Paul’s screwed. His ex will be there…and she’s having his cousin’s baby. Unless he wants to show up to the wedding alone and face his family’s scrutiny, he needs a girl on his arm. Now.

    Cocktail specialist Libby Harris has spent her life earning the nickname Little Miss Perfect, all to win the love of her wealthy, controlling father. But she deviated from his plan, and now her business is on shaky ground. If it fails, she might as well kiss his respect—and her dream—good-bye. Her only hope? Convince the hottest bar in town to take on her product.

    Luckily for her, the owner’s brother is sexy as sin and in need of a perfect girlfriend…

    Find out how to get your hands on a copy here.

    PIL Cover small

    So many people asked me if there would be more stories in the series after the first one came out and I was thrilled to be able to give Paul his HEA. Now, in other good news, I’ve been given the green light to write Emmaline’s story (Gracie’s sister) although it won’t be part of the Behind the Bar series. But I didn’t want to leave her hanging after the hell I put her through in The Rules According to Gracie, so don’t worry – I have plans for a very special HEA for her.

    So, what’s coming up next?

      • My first book in the Security Company series for Harlequin Blaze is out November 1st!! I’ve already submitted book #2 in this series, which will be out April next year.
      • The Lovecats Downunder have just announced an exciting new project, which will be coming out December 1st. Hot Christmas Nights (A LoveCats Downunder box set) will feature 7 steamy Aussie and NZ Christmas novellas.

    NB. My story is actually linked to my Kite Harbor series and features Neve Ritter, the globetrotting sister of Nate from A Kiss in Kite Harbor.

    HCN Teaser small

    Oh, and I made a video recently too. This one is all about finding publishing opportunities for your romance novel – where to look to find special calls and how to jump over that slush pile.