Romance Llama

You might have come across pictures of a little stuffed llama with a lopsided smile on my social media profiles. Meet Romance Llama – my writing mascot. In a similar tradition to travelling garden gnome prank, Romance Llama makes regular appearances here, on Facebook and on Instagram. He accompanies me to writing events and keeps me company while I toil away at my writing desk.

Meet Roamnce Llama

Here’s everything you need to know about Romance Llama:

– He was a gift from my husband to mark the sale of my first novel. The back-story is that we lived near a tourist shop that carried these llamas in the window and every time we walked past I told my husband that I wanted one. He thought me celebrating my first book contract was a good occasion to mark and I totally agreed!

– Romance Llama is a boy and yes, he loves reading romance novels.

– Romance Llama is sadly no longer on the market. He has a girlfriend called Lady Llama.

– His favourite movie is the Emperor’s New Groove.

– He’s like to be the one working a room at a romance writers conference. He loved meeting authors and other writing mascots!