London Report: July '18

July has been a relatively chill month in Casa London. I survived the Toronto heatwave (barely) and spent some much needed time with J (aka Mr. London) when he took week-long staycation. Many trips out for flat whites and rounds of our latest game obsession Century: Spice Road were had. Good times.

But now it's back to work and I'm absolutely thrilled with everything that's coming to you in the second half of 2018.



It's the time for sophomore books! The second book in two series are coming out in the next few months...


Set against the bright lights of New York City's dance and theatre scene, Bad Reputation is the follow up to the sexy romantic comedy, Bad Bachelor.

Disgraced Aussie ballerina, Remi Drysdale, has hung up her pointe shoes for good. That is until bad boy of the dance world and budding Broadway producer, Wes Evans, happens to stumble into her barre fitness class by accident.

If you love quirky heroines, sweet and sexy heroes and a dash of family drama in your romance, then be sure to check out Bad Reputation.

Click here to read the official blurb and an excerpt, as well as to find out where you can order a copy today.

Note: this story can be read as a standalone, but this series is best enjoyed in order as there are several subplots that span all three books.


There's nothing that pleases me more than pairing a straight-laced heroine with a hero whose specialty is bringing women undone.

Imogen and Caleb have the most delightful frenemies to lovers vibe as they try - and fail - to fight their attraction to one another in this steamy opposites attract office romance.

This is book #2 in the Melbourne After Dark series, but it reads entirely as a standalone, as all books in this series take place during the same timeline. That means you can read them in any order you please.

Click here to read the official blurb and an excerpt, as well as to find out where you can order a copy today. And be sure to check out the free short story, which features Caleb's older brother Jason!



Every year Harlequin selects one book for each of their romance series to give to readers for free. I'm so thrilled to report that Unmasked is the Dare Try Harlequin book for the rest of 2018.

What is the Try Harlequin program?

All you have to do is subscribe to Harlequin News to sample a FREE book from each of the 16 Harlequin series now! It's designed to give you a taste and to whet your appetite for new titles published in each series every month.

Go to the Try Harlequin page to get your free copy of Unmasked along with the other incredible offerings from Harlequin's series lines.


If you're reading this post, then you'll know by now that my website got a facelift. Yay! I really hope you're enjoying the new design as much as I am.


The purpose of the re-design was not only to give the site a sleeker look, but to also improve functionality and navigation. If you've somehow stumbled across my little patch of the internet and are interested in reading my books, but aren't sure which one to pick up first, then the "Not Sure Where To Start" page has been designed just for you.

If you're an aspiring author in need of some guidance, I have a whole section for you. Check out the "start here" page for writers to see what's available. Check back frequently as I have lots of additional content planned.

I've also added additional sorting functionality to my book pages, to allow you to sort my books by series, length, publication date and theme. The idea behind this is to help you find the perfect book to read next. There's also a printable booklist coming soon.



Makeup! After having a blast running my makeup session at the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together weekend, I decided to jot down my top five makeup tips for taking your makeup to the next level.

Check out the blog to get my top tips.

At the moment, I've also been updating and a lot of older content as part of the website re-design, especially in the Tips For Writers section.


Other than working on this website and searching for Toronto's most perfect flat white, you mean? Honestly...I have been taking some down time. My schedule is usually somewhere between busy and break-neck, so it was great to have a slightly slower month and to stop and smell the roses. Highly recommended!

Watching... Handmaid's Tale season 2! Oh, my poor heart.

Reading... Jessica Lemmon's Lone Star Lovers and it's so freaking good. Highly recommend!

Listening to... Unravel: an ABC True Crime podcast. It's an Australian podcast exploring a different unsolved crime each season.

Eating... J and I started doing Hello Fresh to take the pressure off mid-week. So far, we're about a month in and have been finding it great!

Sewing... The Marilla Walker Maya top and dress. I've made five of these now! You can keep up with my sewing adventures through my Stefanie Sews Instagram.


I hope you all have an incredible rest of July. If you're in the northern hemisphere stay cool and hydrated! If you're in the south, stay warm...and probably still good to hydrate. Water is never a bad idea.

with love,