London Report: September '18

This month is going to be a bumper one! I’ve got a few speaking engagements, a conference and it looks like fall-weather might be right around the corner. I am here for it! Bring on the sweater weather.




For one night only, Imogen Hargrove is a sexy spy. She’s donned a mask for the Carmina Masquerade Ball, where she hopes to catch her sister’s cheating fiancé, Daniel, in the act. But she’s the one who gets rumbled when she strays too close to her target—only to realize she’s been tailing the wrong man. A searing kiss makes her forget her mission altogether, and the mysterious stranger awakens something inside her: a burning passion she hasn’t felt since the brutal breakup of her last relationship.

Imogen is mortified to discover that the man behind the mask is her colleague, notorious womanizer Caleb Allbrook. He’s the last person she wants to get close to, and she doesn’t need another playboy in her life. But that kiss has her curious—besides, Caleb knows her sister’s fiancé and could prove very useful in digging up dirt.

She makes a deal: she’ll go on a date with Caleb in exchange for information on Daniel’s affair. But Caleb’s irresistible charm turns a casual conversation into a night of sultry seduction. Imogen knows Caleb is bad news—yet he makes her feel sexier than any man ever has. Can she pull herself away from yet another toxic relationship, or will Caleb prove there’s more to him than just sex appeal?

Unmasked French.jpeg


Now that I've been doing this writing gig for a few years, my books go many places. Older stories get reissued, the list of languages I'm published in continues to grow, and I'm slowly building my stable of audio books. All good things!



This is the French translation of Unmasked to be released in October 2018. Pre-order links can be found on the Unmasked page.


Back in August I was interviewed by the amazing Jenn - book blogger and fellow Torontonian - from A Splendid Messy Life. We chatted about where I find names for my characters and how the #metoo movement has impacted the romance genre. Read the interview here.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with the Mills and Boon UK team about Hard Deal, how I got published and who my author icons are! Read the interview here.



I’ve been super busy preparing for the Toronto Public Library residence which starts at the end of the month. if you’re a Toronto-based aspiring romance author, you should absolutely check out the sessions and manuscript critique opportunities that I’ll be running during October and November. There’s a blog post with all the important information.

Watching... ALL THE DESSERT TV SHOWS. It started with Sugar Rush, then we binged on Nailed It and now it’s all about Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

Reading... Getting my spooky reads on in preparation for Fall. First up is The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware.

 Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting and Skor pieces!

Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting and Skor pieces!

Listening to... I just started listening to the Reply All podcast and I really like it! The Case of the Phantom Caller was a totally fascinating look at a woman who was receiving these bizarre calls with nothing but strange sound. Check it out here.

Doing... baking! Must be all the influence of those dessert TV shows ;)

Wearing... I finally did the seasonal “switch over” and dug out all of my sweaters and scarves and boots. I’m sure we’ll still have some more hot weather ahead of us, but I like to be prepared.