It's important to me that I uphold the "romance promise" to my readers. This means my books will always have a happy-ever-after (HEA) or happy-for-now (HFN) for the main couple in the story. I won't ever cheat you out of that. Beyond that, what else can you except from a Stefanie London book?

  • An uplifting story. Even if darker topics are explored, my stories are designed to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end. I want to help you escape into a fun, fantasy world.
  • Banter. It's my absolutely favourite thing to write so there will be plenty of that in my books! Snappy dialogue is my jam.
  • Safe, consensual but still steamy sex. The bedroom door is flung wide open, so expect very detailed sex scenes with adult language. I work hard to show the enthusiastic consent of my characters, but still with a focus on all the good bits you love in a sex scene (I know you like reading those bits!)
  • Australianisms. Not all my books are set in Australia (if you want to know which ones are, check out this page and scroll down to the section marked "Australian settings") but the ones that do will definitely feature a few Australianisms. BYO budgie smugglers, Tim Tams and Lamingtons.
  • Characters with real problems. Even if the setting or the set-up might not be something you'd encounter on a day to day basis, I want my characters to feel real and their problems to feel relatable.

Most of all, I promise to deliver you the stories I believe in, the stories that keep me awake at night, and the characters who fill my heart. I sincerely hope you pick up one of my books and feel great when you turn that very last page.

With love,