If you've landed on this page I assume you're a writer in need of some advice. Or perhaps you're just curious to see what's here. In either case, welcome! I love helping writers in their journey to publication and beyond. In fact, I love helping people learn new skills. Period.


Prior to writing fiction I worked in Learning & Development and spent time as a training facilitator, instructional designer, and communications consultant. Although the subject matter was nowhere near as fun as what I do now (sorry previous employers!) I gravitated to those jobs because I love helping people empower themselves through learning.

So, here are some of the ways I can help you...

  • Come hear me speak! My Events page is always up to date with the workshops I'm running.
  • The Tips for Writers page has information on all aspects of being an author, including writing craft, career advice, health and wellbeing  tips etc.
  • Eventually my plan is to host courses on writing romance and being an author here as well. Stay tuned!