a delightfully written, fast-paced, compelling read...”
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Book #1 in the greek billionaires series

Marianna Halsey has the most boring life in the world. With seven overprotective older brothers, she’s even ended up a virgin at twenty-four. But when a dark and sexy male prevents her from getting her wallet stolen on a Greek vacation, she decides it’s time for some adventure. She’s read a gazillion romance novels. How hard can it be to score a hook-up?

Greek billionaire and stock market whiz, Nico Galinas has built an empire from nothing. Literally. Orphaned as a baby, Nico trusts no one. Especially not the quirky, attractive woman using the worst pick up tricks in history. She wants something, and Nico decides to play along, even when she invites herself back to his place.

But what happens when "the beast" accidentally knocks up "beauty"?


Yes, this is a standalone book.

Is this book available in languages other than english?

Not at this stage.


Yes! Coming soon.

A sweet romance that incorporated entertaining moments, misunderstandings...and plenty of chemistry and heat.
Well done, Ms. London...on your A-game as always!
— Netgalley Review

Excerpt from HOW TO WIN A FIANCE

This is it. You’ve got a sexy Greek man drinking with you, bikini is on, and liquid courage is acquired. You’re three for four! All you need now is a venue.

Nico cocked his head, a lock of dark hair falling over his forehead. “And what’s your assessment? Are you happy with the offerings?”

Her fingers came to the end of her hair, and she rubbed the strands back and forth between her thumb and forefinger. “Yes, very happy.”

His eyes raked over her, hungry and hot. It was like being lit on fire from the inside out, the sensation growing stronger as his gaze lingered on her mouth. And boy oh boy did he look like a god. Seriously. None of the men gracing the digital covers on her ereader even came close to Nico. It occurred to Marianna then, that she was way out of her depth.

But what on earth was she supposed to do now? He’d accepted her offer for a drink and was making polite conversation with her. According to her checklist, things were going well. But phase two of her seduction was to start flirting. That’s the bit she wasn’t so sure about.

Marianna had quite the stable of talents. She could speed-read, knit just about anything and make Instagram-worthy macarons. From scratch. But this… She swallowed. This was her downfall.

Think, dammit. How do you flirt?

The romance novels were a little less clear on this. Not quite as instructional as she would have liked.

So many women complained that men wanted to jump straight into bed without doing the whole “getting to know you” thing first. But Marianna would have given anything to have Nico lean over and whisper “let’s go back to my place” so she could avoid this whole awkward part of her plan.

Maybe she should try and dazzle him with her intellect. Lots of the romance novels had smart kick-butt ladies as the heroines, and Marianna liked to think of herself as an intelligent woman. So maybe it would be best to go with her strengths?

“Do you want to know something interesting?” she asked him.


“There’s a language in Spain called Silbo Gomero that’s made up entirely of whistling sounds so people can communicate over deep ravines and narrow valleys.”

Nico looked at her with a mix of confusion and amusement. “That certainly is interesting.”

Ugh. It had sounded smart in her head, but now that the words were out in the open she wondered if maybe quirky language facts were not the best way to get a man into bed. But what else did she have? She reached for her drink and brought it to her lips, tipping her head back until all the clear liquid was gone. More alcohol would help. And since she wasn’t much of a drinker back home, it wouldn’t take long to get her in a state of fuzzy confidence. Nico ordered them another round.

“I love languages,” she said. “Especially their history and how they evolve. Did you know that linguistically the Basque language is unrelated to any other European language? It’s a language isolate, which means there’s no demonstrable genealogical relationship with other languages. Fascinating, right?”

Oh god. Now she was on a roll. This always happened when she got nervous. She started spewing out facts like some kind of language trivia machine.

“And the Bible has been translated in some part into over three thousand languages.”

Somebody stop me. Now.

“I didn’t know there were over three thousand languages to begin with.” Was he smirking or smiling? Was he trying to plot a way out of this crazy encounter? It was so hard to tell.

“There’s over six and a half thousand, actually.”

He chuckled. The sound was rich and warm, liquid and honeyed. It sent goose bumps skittering across her bare arms. “You learn something new every day.”

“I’m sure there are so many other things you’d rather be talking about. I, uh…someone told me once, if I wasn’t sure what to say then I should share an interesting fact. It kind of turned into a personal quirk.”

A quirk that bordered on a crutch…but who was splitting hairs?


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Book #1

Book #1