Translations: my books go global!

I’ve had a lot of “pinch me” moments as an author: every time I get a box of my books, every time I see a new cover, every time I get an email from a reader who really connected with one of my stories. Oh, and seeing my books in another language.

Seriously, it blows my mind. Every. Single. Time.

Since I usually share the North American covers on my site, I thought I would make this post and share some of the gorgeous covers and editions that my books get in other parts of the world. And, if you’re a reader who would prefer not to read in English, this might be helpful! NB. if you’re ever wondering if one of my books is available in a language other than English, just go to the individual book page and it will tell you.



Other than English, I’ve had more books in German than any other language.

Recently, the entire Bad Bachelor series has been translated into German. Bad Bachelor, Bad Boss (Bad Reputation in English) and Bad Billionaire (Bad Influence) will be available for German readers in 2019.

This is the cover of book #2 and isn’t it gooorgeous! They did a phenomenal job.





There’s something about the Lithuanian covers that I just adore! They’re always so glamorous. So far, my Melbourne Ballerinas, Dangerous Bachelors Club, and standalone The Tycoons Stowaway, have been translated into Lithuanian.



My Melbourne Ballerinas duology has come out in Indonesia and these cover are totally swoon-worthy!



French is a very recent translation for me. My Melbourne After Dark series is getting translated and the first book just came out! Knowing that there will be version of my book in Quebec city makes this newbie Canadian very happy.



So far my books have also been translated in Hungarian, Dutch, Korean, Greek, Portugese, Polish, Russian and Hebrew. And I’ll shortly be adding a new language to this list: Italian!