Bad Bachelor is a RITA finalist!

I’m so thrilled to announce that Bad Bachelor is a finalist in the Contemporary Romance: Long category of Romance Writers of America RITA competition. If you’ve never heard of the RITA before, it’s a peer-judged industry award for romance fiction. Basically, the easiest way to describe it is: like the Oscars but for romance books.


So, it’s kind of a big deal?

Uh, yeah. This is my first time being a finalist, and I’m even more thrilled that Bad Bachelor is the book that reached this career milestone. This series means a lot to me—it was my first mass market print deal, my first attempt at writing longer books (these are around 90,000 words as opposed to my usual 50-60,000) and the first time I ever had a book blurbed. Not to mention my first starred review.

These are were all previously unchecked boxes on my “career goals” list.

What’s next for Bad Bachelors?

The series itself is now complete, as it was always intended to be three books. Writing an arc that moves strongly through the books (which is why I recommend reading them in order) was a new challenge for me, and I had a very clear idea from the outset of where the series would start and end.


I wondered what love and modern dating might look like in Manhattan, post the Bad Bachelors series.

I couldn’t let go of the idea of another series that kicked off after the conclusion of Bad Influence, which aimed to continue tackling the idea I explored in Bad Bachelors: dating in the modern age, social media and reputation, female friendships and the pressure to find a perfection that doesn’t exist.

I’m not yet done writing about those things. All I can say for now, is that something exciting is coming and that I’ve got plans to do something I’ve never tried before: a special pre-release launch of my brand new series completely via newsletter. I’m still working on it, so no details yet but if you want to ensure you don’t miss out then sign up here. If you haven’t read the Bad Bachelors series, now you can read them back to back! Start with book #1, my RITA finalist, Bad Bachelors.